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About the band:

William (Will) Neufeld: Band Leader, master arranger, multi-instrumentalist. Will grew up in the rural Manitoba town of Niverville, and has played in a wide variety of musical acts. Genres of his experience include pop, funk, rock, metal, jazz, and others. Will studied Jazz Music at the University of Manitoba. He always has his ear to the air, the ground, and everywhere in between to catch the latest quality tunes and grooves to keep the crowd hopping and everybody bopping! He has been playing music with Last Call members Nick, James, Justin, and Matt in past musical projects and bands for over 15 years. Their chemistry brings Will's rhythms and melodies to attention throughout each set. Will has also participated in co-judging singers for Karaoke World Championships Canada - Manitoba (2016).
Elsaida (el-SAY-dah) Alerta: Lead Vocals. Elsaida is the 2015 Karaoke World Champion, having represented Canada at the Karaoke World Championships (KWC) in Singapore! She is the FIRST Canadian to win GOLD at a KWC World event! Elsaida performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in 2016 (Made in Manitoba) and 2017 (Manitoba Hydro Holiday Tour). Elsaida is one of Ace Burpee's Most Fascinating Manitobans (2016). She has won a wide variety of local and regional singing competitions. Elsaida has a genuine love for singing and enjoys bringing a crowd to their feet with her amazing powerhouse vocals and lively performance! Together with the talented instrumentalists of Last Call, Elsaida enhances the experience to a level that is thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Matthew (Matt) Klippenstein: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar. Matt has been playing electric guitar for over 15 years. His talent and skill brought him to participate in musical acts in Manitoba and across Western Canada. His fast-moving fingers will bring your crowd from their seat to their feet on the dance floor! You'll enjoy the attention Matt puts toward the details of his sound, whether it's a song of a classic or contemporary era!

Justin (Jay) Kroeker: Bass guitar. Justin brings the rhythm in tone for Last Call, and he does it very well. Whether a very familiar part or a role in the background undertones, Jay is sure to provide an accurate and well-measured contribution to each song at your party or event. He has over 10 years of bass guitar experience in a variety of musical styles. 

Nicholas (Nick) Rempel: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals. Nick has been playing electric guitar for over 15 years. He has played in several musical groups, showcasing a variety of genres. His lively style of play and amazing chemistry with co-guitarist Matt round out each song for the enjoyment of everyone at your party or event! 

James Neufeld: Drummer. Keeping pace with discipline and accuracy, James is the timekeeper of Last Call. He has been playing drums for more than 15 years. Between funk, folk, metal and everywhere in betwen, James punches the tempo with speed and discretion! He drives the band through each set and will bring the crowd at your event to a most entertaining experience.